About Wheatgrass


About Dr Wheatgrass

Who's GrassFactor?

GrassFactor is exclusive importer and distributor of Dr Wheatgrass products in the US and Mexico. GrassFactor is also known as Dr Wheatgrass US & Mexico. Dr Wheatgrass products sold by GrassFactor are guaranteed to be authentic, wholly produced in Australia.

Who's Dr Wheatgrass?

"Dr Wheatgrass" doesn't actually exist as a person. It is a trademarked brand. However, to all of us, Dr Wheatgrass is Dr. Chris Reynolds, a general practitioner and the founder of Dr Wheatgrass brand. Dr. Chris developed the wheatgrass extract that forms the main ingredient of Dr Wheatgrass products. He has used the extract successfully in clinical trials and in thousands of patients since 1995. He has re-discovered the therapeutic power of wheatgrass that first came to light in modern times in the 1930's. Leading the resurgence of wheatgrass healing around the world, his life's mission is to make his wheatgrass extract available and affordable worldwide.


About Dr. Chris Reynolds


Dr. Chris Reynolds was born in 1941 in Perth, Western Australia. At 16, he joined the British mercantile marine and travelled the world for seven years as a navigating officer before entering medical school at the University of Western Australia.


Graduating M.B.,B.S. (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) 1973, Dr Chris Reynolds spent most of his professional career as a general practitioner in Perth and Melbourne. For almost a couple of decades, he has used wheatgrass to help thousands of patients overcome various conditions. He belives the safety, cost and virtual absence of adverse effects using wheatgrass for healing makes it ideal for use by everyone - health practitioners and general public alike.