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PLEASE NOTE: Most of the testimonials on these pages refer to Skin Recovery Cream. Others refer to Superbalm. The reason for this is that the cream has been available since 2002. Superbalm did not appear until 4 years later.


Recently, we have been receiving reports from fissure sufferers who simply sprayed the wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray over the anus for relief. It really comes down to which product works best for you. They all contain wheatgrass extract as the only bioactive ingredient, so they all have the potential of being effective.


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After giving birth to my second child, I got a fissure and suffered for 6 weeks. The doctors were recommending surgery that could potentially leave me incontinent at the age of 27, and I refused to go that route without exhausting every other option. I started with a google search for natural treatment methods for fissures, and this was the first site that popped up. $30 vs thousands for surgery? Worth a shot. And I kid you not - 1 week. ONE WEEK. And it was healed. Love this stuff!! Now, whenever I suffer with issues of that nature, it's my go to. And no, there will not be a before and after pic ;P You're welcome for that!

Laura, USA


I have been suffering with 2 anal fissures for 4 months now, very very painfull! I read about the wheat grass and decided it won't hurt to try it. This stuff is wonderful! After several days of using the cream there has been No bleeding. The fissure pain has subsided. It is a very cooling cream and feels relief when applied. Thank you Dr Wheat grass.

Carole. USA.


I do want to share with you my testimony from my initial use of the cream. I had been suffering for months with excruciating anal fissures. The doctor had suggested an operation to cut the anal sphincter muscles so they wouldn't be so tight. I wasn't about to let him do that, but was desperate for relief from the pain. It would wake me out of a sound sleep at night and make it difficult to get to sleep. I would sometimes resort to using Ambien to get to sleep despite the pain. At times, the pain would make it almost impossible for me to do my work as a program manager because I couldn't concentrate when the frequent spasms of pain hit me. When my wife found Dr. Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream on the internet, I started inserting it into my rectum using a very small dental irrigation syringe. My recovery was much faster than I would have imagined. After using it regularly after bowel movements for awhile, I no longer felt the need for it at all. I haven't had the fissures return. (It's probably been 8 years now.) I still use the cream on hemorrhoids when they flare up. It's better than any of the various drug store preparations that I've tried.

R. D. USA.


I came across super balm after wasting time and  money on many medicines products on Internet for a fissure I developed post partum. Now I will never go without it and refer to anyone I know who suffer similar issues. 

N. A. Australia.


Your Superbalm is the most incredible healing I ever had. I have been prone to all types of skin problems my whole life. If there is a skin condition I had it, so many I could not list them all. After developing a fistule from a driving trip across the USA, I found your product on WEB MD. Not only did it heal the fistule, I used it on my body for several different skin ailments, growths, moles, warts, fungus from the beach, acne and several other problems. Everything vanished after 2 months and 3 tubes of your superbalm. This product is a miracle, my skin has never felt this good. Of course I just ordered 3 tubes so I can enjoy the refreshing healing power of your products and not run out of this amazing superbalm. Thank You.

Edward Kahn, Englewood Florida


Hi. A quick email to say thanks for your product (superbalm) which cured my anal fissure after about 8 years. I could feel improvement within a few days and have now been pain free for about 6 months. This has improved my quality of life and I'm grateful. Thanks again.

D. W. Australia.


This stuff is honestly incredible. I was having a real problem with Anal Fissures for about two months. I had been to see my Doctor (GP) and he prescribed me Anusol Hydrocortisone Ointment and Suppositories and told me to use them for two weeks. Two weeks in and not only is the pain still there but it's bleeding worse than it was previously. I was desperate so I ordered this Super Balm in the Mail. First day when I wiped I had like 25% of the blood that I had the day before. Second day even less than that.. just a few tiny spots. Third day no blood. Fourth day almost no pain whatsoever with my Bowel Movements. I'm only on Day 5 now but even my Family is noticing a big difference in my attitude and personality because I'm not in constant pain any more. I figure I'll use this stuff for another 9 days before stopping it and seeing if my symptoms reoccur. If not I already have my 2nd Tube in the Mail and from how little I use this I expect one Tube to go quite a long ways. But the relief of the pain during and after a Bowel Movement is remarkable. Before I would be in pain for several hours afterwards. Now I go and the pain is like maybe a 1 or 2 out of ten instead of a whopping 8 or 9 out of 10. This stuff is just like it's listed... "Super" Balm.

M. C. Canada.


Hey Dr. Chris, your product is incredible. The anal fissure is completely gone. I don't see any traces of it after using the Wheatgrass Gel for two weeks. Thanks for creating such a great product. I will keep you updated if anything else develops. 

C. K. USA.


Hi. Of course I was a sceptic when I came across your website during a desperate search for Anything at all to help me. I was shooting a wedding 500km away from home and made the trip to Cairns, 80km from where I was shooting to get this balm. I had had severe and embarrassing Anal Fissure pain for 3 months and was in a very bad place mentally. Within a few days of using your cream, I was starting to feel less pain. It's been 9 weeks now and I am starting to feel almost no pain at all post BM. Your cream has saved me. Thank you. 

S. L. Australia.


I bought your cream for an anal fissure I've been dealing with for months and months during my pregnancy and it has worked wonders!! Thank you so much for your help!!

Marinda. Australia.


Hello Doctor, I must tell you the fissure problem has completely vanished after I religiously used the wheatgrass cream. It is amazing feeling! Thanks you so much for bringing this heavenly product to people like us. Regards.

T. V. Australia.


I purchased the superbalm about a month ago in desperation as the pain was getting so bad from my anal fissure which I have had for about 16 months. I had been to the doctor who prescribed rectogestic and an operation scheduled for later in the year. This product is amazing as after a week my pain had gone. Its hard to believe that doctors don't or wont tell patients about this. Try this product, you will not be disappointed!!

K. B. Australia.


If I have not seen this miracle cream perform miracles with my own eyes I would have remained sceptical! But after a year of suffering two Sphincteractomys tag removal and a Botox injection just 2 weeks ago with no improvement but agonising and debilitating acute pain the surgeon said you've got a very deep and long fissure that's Why it's not healing. I've been taking strong pain killers with a bit of relief, so I read about Dr Wheatgrass from the Internet and decided to give it a go what else is there to lose,so just after 1 day and I'm not kidding my pain is nearly gone!! I literally only applied it 3 times from yesterday to today and I'm in shock I hope it continues to stay this way thank you so much!! Dr Chris Reynolds a true miracle worker.

O. G. Australia


Following a hysterectomy I ended up with a fissure and suffered for 6 months with it. Doctors prescribed nitro cream and other creams and I tried everything over counter etc. On a forum I saw your product mentioned a couple of times. I ordered it and literally in 1 week it started to heal me. I almost had surgery I was so desperate for pain relief. But with your cream I didn't have to.

W. A. USA.


I had a fissure and your wheatgrass spray healed it in about a week and half. Thanks for the great advice and product!

J. C. Australia.


I had an anal fissure ten years ago and had a painful surgery. I recently developed another one(I knew immediately, the tearing pain like defecating a pineapple and the inner quivers, all of it) and nothing was helping.I was planning to call the surgeon again but not looking forward to it. I thought "What the heck, I'll look up 'anal fissure healing' on the web and see what products are being promoted that I KNEW WOULD NOT WORK for me. I gave a chance to Dr.Wheatgrass ONLY after reading the testimonials. WOW! It works, my fissure improved and now I can eat normally with ZERO pain. I am writing a letter to my surgeon encouraging her to look into this product which DOES what Rx only tries to do unsuccessfully. THANK YOU Dr. Wheatgrass. Everybody you might consider alerting your med care providers of this product so they MIGHT open their minds and tell their suffering fissure patients to give it a try. PS I applied it sparingly but frequently (4-5 times daily or more) and it seemed really wise to do so, since healing was so quick. Peace, Thomas

T. O. USA.


This is a follow up from my previous post done on October 21, 2013, today is January 12, 2014.  It has been approximately 3 months since my previous post just wanted to update you in regards to my husbands prognosis while using Wheatgrass cream for his anal fissures.  It is totally amazing how this product made my husbands world a better place to be in, no more complaints at all of any type of pain. He only used it for the first two weeks when he received it and used it once a day.   That was his best $40 investment.  I still have much of the cream avail and will keep it definitely available for other uses and any other ailments come about.  So if you haven't decided if you should try this product or not, as i mentioned in my previous post go and get it you won't regret it.

A. J. Australia. 


I'm from Singapore,currently I'm using Superbalm for my anal fissure,is really amazing,thank you very much!

P. C. Singapore.


Wow just want to say thank you so much for making my life all better. I have been suffering with a Fissure for about 4 months and was in so much pain every morning I went to the toilet and it was upsetting my so much as I tried everything and the DR kept prescribing me creams that didn't work. Then in some desperate research I came across your cream and starting away was willing to try anything and bought 2 and was so happy it was delivered so quick!! I used the cream 3 / 4 time as a day for straight away the pain was gone and all healed, when I used to rub cream n my bottom I could feel the sore, then only after one to two days it was completely gone and pain free.

I am taking it to show my DR and telling her if anyone comes in with this problem to tell them to get this cream! It works 100%! I am telling everyone as I feel so bad for people suffering with this and they don't know about it. How can you get it out there more for people? As this can literally ruin your life with pain! 
I feel like I want to tell the world about his cream. Anyways thanks again I am almost crying I am so happy as I thought I would have to have surgery to fix it!


L. L. Australia.


Re the fissure, I'd say within 5 days I was noticing a big difference and now, a week later vastly improved. I just sprayed the area once in the morning and again at night with the Skin Recovery Spray. 

S. C. Australia. 


I feel I so needed to take the time to do a post regarding the Wheatgrass cream that I purchased from Amazon.com.  My husband has suffered for over 2 years with very excruciating pain from his fissure, me along with my two children had to live with his agonizing discomfort on a daily basis, this obviously was no quality of life.  My husband started applying the cream for about 2 weeks now and trust me on this.....he already feels soooo much better, he's tried other prescribed meds from the doctor with no fix.  He's now working on keeping his BM soft to not disrupt the healing.  I started searching online for him in desperate need of getting him the relief he so needed.  I came across Wheatgrass for fissures and started reading reviews and thought I got nothing to lose but to help my hubby feel better.  I'm so glad I did, please if you are reading this and may have some doubts about trying this product, please don't hesitate you'll see a difference.  As a family we can now enjoy a better quality of life together. Go and Give it a Try

. A. J. Australia.


I had a baby daughter back in September of 2011. During the birth I did not take any pain medication, and as a result, was in a lot of pain. During the birth I had to have a episiotomy, which I feel lead to my pain during bowel movements. A year after the birth I had to have Bladder surgery because I also lost the ability to "hold it". Because of that issue, I delayed looking into how to help the pain I was having during bowel movements, and was still thinking that it might just take a long time to heal from an episiotomy. Well after the surgery, I was able to "Hold it" but the pain I was feeling was becoming unbearable, and I was afraid to go to the bathroom. After doing more research, I came across your site and ordered the "Super Balm". I began using as instructed. Now, after two years of pain, and an amazing 2 year old daughter, I can comfortably say that you cream was the cure!! I was pleasantly amazed and the result of giving it a chance was basically, a better life! Thank you for your care and concern and your ability to take an amazing scientific fact and bringing it to the public!!

T. P.


Dr. Chris, I am writing to you today, almost 1 year after developing an anal fissure, and on the day of my 24th birthday, because you and your team at Dr. Wheatgrass have truly saved my life in more ways than one. Let me explain. At the beginning of October 2012, after a night of drinking, I started showing the telltale signs of a fissure. It wasn't until about a month in that I really became concerned as the bleeding and pain became more and more unbearable. After seeing my family doctor who was quick to diagnose it, I was given nitroglycerin cream and was told to keep applying it and the fissure would go away. Not only did the fissure get worse, but the cream gave me massive headaches and pretty much rendered me useless and in more pain than I was before. Staying persistent, I continued on with the cream in hopes it would eventually make things better but to no avail. It was now a few months in and the pain was unbearable, I couldn't leave my house, I couldn't go to work, I began having anxiety attacks every time I had to go to the washroom, my life was hell, but it was just the beginning. By the end of the year I decided to see a doctor at a world renowned endoscopy clinic here in Toronto, Canada. At the beginning we decided to go the non-surgical route by prescribing new creams, cleaning techniques, eating habits, etc. None of these worked, right up until the day I went to the washroom and literally passed out from the pain. Waking up later in the hospital and was told what happened, after being released I went back to the endoscopy clinic and decided it was time for an LIS (Lateral internal sphincterotomy). 


The procedure was done under general anesthetic (which you can imagine how painful freezing that area was) and was done in 10 minutes. For the next few weeks following the surgery I was actually becoming fairly optimistic, the fissure seemed to be feeling a bit better and things were looking up! That was until one afternoon I had a relapse, the fissure tore open and the pain was so bad I had to be transported by ambulance to the hospital once again and then back to the endoscopy clinic, where the doctor decided I would need a secondary emergency LIS surgery. This was by far the lowest point of my life Dr. Chris. I was put out completely for the second surgery and woke up in the recovery room feeling helpless, depressed, I didn't want to live anymore, I wanted to end it all. Sounds kind of ridiculous now but I felt so embarrassed at this problem most people would laugh at, but at the same time caused me so much pain I just wanted to kill myself. The next couple of months after the surgery were slow recovery, painful, frustrating, I even wrote a letter to my parents incase I did decide to take my life, I thought it would be pretty easy considering all the Percocets the office was giving me. I had really lost all hope at this point because even after the second surgery I was still in constant pain and although not as terrible as the first time around, I felt like it would be there forever (Especially after reading some stories online about people who've had them their entire lives!!!) 


One day while browsing a support forum for anal fissures, I came across and entry about the Dr. Wheatgrass SuperBalm and its tremendous healing properties. I did some investigating and saw that each bottle was around 50 dollars, which to me seemed a bit excessive for a "miracle cream" that probably did nothing. But alas, the SuperBalm was literally my last and only hope at fixing this problem that had tortured me for so long, I bit the bullet, bought a bottle, and I've been using it since June of 2013. What I have to say now about this product is that IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY. Dr. Chris, the SuperBalm you and your team have created has TRULY TRULY TRULY saved my life, and from the story above, you can see why. Once the bottle got to me in the mail, I started using it every day, twice a day (Against my doctors orders as they didn't see how it could help), and I am VERY happy to report that 11 and a half months after the worst ordeal of my life, I am FISSURE FREE and loving life again. After MONTHS of surgeries, creams, diet changes, nothing worked like the SuperBalm did. Once I started using it, I started feeling better by the SECOND-THIRD DAY. I remained persistent, and I am still using it to this day even though the fissure has healed. I am going to continue using it until the bottle is finished and I will likley buy another one just as a precaution. I wish you had a video on the process of how the cream is made, but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter. All that matters is that I am a person again, I don't have to be scared to use the washroom and have all my thoughts and feelings revolve around the terrible pain that anal fissures cause to the victims. I am free. I am alive, and I have you to thank.


I know this was a long post, but I needed to give credit where its due and I owe everything to Dr. Wheatgrass. Thank you again, for life.

J. P. Canada. 


Weeks to get relief??  Try DAYS!!  It's awesome...I started using it Saturday afternoon and last night (Monday) was the best day I've had since I had the fissures as far back as March. I didn't see a doctor until July because I just thought it was hemorroids. I've been using a medicated ointment prescribed by my colorectal doctor but it was very slow in the healing process.  I might buy some balm now and start trying it instead. I only put a little dab just inside the opening as you said on your website, twice daily. Either way, I will always keep some in stock. I need to go back to your site and see what else the creams and balms are good for. This stuff is great!   Thanks so much!!  You are truly a life saver. 

K. G. Australia. 


Just wanted to update those of you who read this forum.  I had an anal fissure about a year or so ago that was extremely painful and long-lasting. I posted on this site.  Occasional bleeding, pain, couldn't sit for very long, painful bowel movements, etc.  Had all of this for months.  Once I started using the wheatgrass balm everything started to improve.  I used it twice a day for about 6 weeks...after 2 weeks I felt significantly better.  Today, 5-6 months after my most painful symptoms abated, I'm pain free and relatively back to normal.  I also make sure I get plenty of fiber every day so my bowel movements are easy and painless.  Wheatgrass definitely worked for me.  I recommend trying this over surgery or other remedies your doctor may suggest.  If you apply the cream religiously you should get the healing you're looking for.

V. K. Australia.


My husband found your website and purchased super balm and recovery cream for anal fissure a week ago. It's been a miracle for him! 

B. H. Australia


I've been using the Superbalm to treat a fissure and it is helping so much. God Bless you and thank you for creating such a great product. 

S. A. Australia. 


Since using Superbalm Cream  and followinng a strict diet AF  have complely cleared up. I have been suffering this on and off over the last 6 months and been the worst in the last 3 months. fortunately i came across the Superbalm and I also take the wheat grass shots  and i beleive that the combination of the two have helped acheive my recovery. 

S. M. Australia. 


Thank you again, your "Superbalm" saved me from having an operation for the Anal Fissure.

D. B. USA.


My husband has suffered w/anal fissures for well over a year. His only relief came from your recovery cream after many many trips to doctor and several procedures that did not work. 

R. H. Australia.

Dear Dr Reynolds, I just wanted to add to the positive feedback that you have received. I have had a chronic anal fissure since November of last year - at times I have been unable to sit because of the pain. My husband and I are trying for a baby and we were told to stop trying until the fissure had healed. An initial 6 week course of diltiazem cream (still in trials in the UK), laxatives and fibre suppliments did heal the fissure but my symptons returned within two weeks of ending the treatment. I commenced a further course of diltiazem cream but it was not as effective as the first and failed to heal my fissure. I was finding homeopathic remedies including arnica, lavender and calendula to be more effective as well as Deep Heat rub and sitz baths. However, it was taking over my life and neither deep heat rub nor large quantities of lavender (and I was usng a lot!) are recommended in pregnancy. My mother in law found out about wheatgrass cream but I was hesitant about using it as I am allergic to wheat (not gluten).

So I was desperate when I ordered it. The first application gave immediate relief and on day two I stopped using all other treatments including laxatives. I feel like a new woman and am so pleased to have found the cream as I can safely use it while trying to conceive and in pregnancy! Thank you so much! 

E. P. UK.


Thank you very much for your advice on the use of the SuperBalm to heal my anal fissure. One thing is to read others' testimonials, another is to feel such a relief myself (it took two weeks). It is great!

A. L. Australia.


I have been using the Superbalm for the past two months for a chronic fissure and proctitis that was resistant to other treatments. Within days of starting treatment with the Superbalm, both the fissure and proctitis cleared. I have continued to apply the Superbalm twice a day. I was wondering if I should continue this treatment to maintain the cured state?

M. D. Australia. 


In December 2009 I bought your product SuperBalm from you and I am extremely satisfied with it. After 20 years, I finally found a product that helped me for my problem - anal fissures.

S. R. Macedonia. 


I ordered the superbalm for my boyfriend for his fissure - it was amazing! Completly got rid of it in a matter of weeks with results immediately. 

F. L. New South Wales. 


I have suffered on and off over the years with an extremely painful anal fissure. I used your wheatgrass cream and it healed up. If I ever have a slight problem I get out the cream and nip it in the bud. One thing I will say it takes time to heal and you really do have to perservere with the cream and not give up!

K. S. Australia. 


After a round of strong antibiotics for a sinus infection I noticed some symptoms that eventually was diagnosed as an anal fissure. I came across this product after a month of unsuccessful tries with products that I had obtained at the pharmacy and even a prescription from the doctor. I was having blood on my toilet paper and pain when I went to the bathroom. Every bowel movement was accompanied by anxiety and the feeling of re-injuring a wound.  I can honestly say that within a few days of using the wheatgrass my fissure cleared up. I noticed something soothing after the first application and it just kept feeling better every day until it cleared up altogether. I can only assume that the idea that the wheat grass is activating my body's own ability to heal itself seems to be true as the other creams and things really did not do very much for me. I highly recommend the wheat grass Super Balm and am grateful to have found this site.

A. R. USA.  



i read about Dr Wheat grass cream on Google and like to thank you. i had operation about 2 years ago APRIL 2008 on an anal fissure i was fine till December 2009 it happened again this time i read up on it and came across your cream. I brought your cream and about 4-5 days later i was feeling better i was able to go to the toilet with 70% less pain. I have used it for over a month and found that i am about 95% better. With the right diet and this cream i will get to 100%. I did go to the doctor and he said "you do have a anal fissure but it looks like it is healing it's self". THIS PRODUCT WORKS 100% I WILL RECOMMEND IT TO OTHERS.

F. B. Australia. 


Hello all and hello to Dr. Chris. It has been awhile since I have been on the forum and I thought I would check back to see what is going on.  For those of you who do not know, I suffered with a chronic fissure for 4 years!!!  Yes, you heard me right!  Anyway, I am pleased to say that this is no longer an issue because of the Wheatgrass cream, it literally has changed my life!  If you look for my postings on other fissure related topics, you will see what I had to go through.  I have read up on current postings and the theme I am seeing are people asking if they should try this cream.


Well, I can say without a doubt that the answer should be YES!!!  I know a lot of you who read this may be thinking, "well, you just don't know how bad my fissure is". Well, yes I do, just imagine dealing with this as long as I did. And I know people who have dealt with this longer than me. I had the same doubts and really did not think it would work because I had tried so many other things.  For those of you who are either afraid to try it or think it won't work, please reconsider.  I have had no side effects from the Wheatgrass cream other than the fact that it healed me!  


Like I have said before, you must be persistent.  You may have a setback or two, but you cannot just decide, "well it's just not working for me".  You have to use it consistently for at least a month.  I didn't have to even use it that long to see results.  For me it was almost immediate.  I could just tell something was different, but in a good way. I did not like the side effects from prescription creams and besides they did not even work for me.

A. S. USA. 


I just wanted to say that i ordered the skin recovery cream for anal fissure..i didnt think it would work as i have been in extreme pain for months after giving birth to my daughter 4 months ago. I have tried everything prescibed by my doctor and the only other alternative was surgery! I have been using the cream for a week now and i cant believe im pain free already and no bleeding, i cant believe it!! I'm so thankful that i found this website and found this cream it is hard to believe it has worked so quick i'm so pleased as it was really starting to affect my life!!!

L. C. UK. 


I have been using Superbalm and am very happy about it. AF was diagnosed in Summer this year and prescribed very strong steroid for 2 months. Dr told me that if I had no improvement by this medication, I will have to have operation immediately. I spent hours searching for alternative treatment. The colonoscopy pain was unbearable and I thought I will never want to go back to the Dr.I searched on the net extensively and found your site at last. I have been using Superbalm for a month now, and my symptoms have improved a lot. I really like this product. 

T. S. Japan.


Hi Dr. Chris, I just wanted to let you know that in just days after using the Skin Recovery Cream, my anal fissure was healed and no more unbearable pain! It has also completely cleared up small patches of the psoriasis on my wrist and elbow.

V. B. Canada. 


I just wanted to write in and say i went to the doctors about 6 weeks ago and was diagnosed with an anal fissure which also had developed into a tag (like a small lump on the outside) and it was extremely painful to go to the toilet. The doctor told me there was nothing i could do for it until it got bad enough to have to be cut off - and it wasnt yet at that stage. I was quite upset as it was extremely painful to have a bowel movement - so i did some internet research and came across your website. I received the skin recovory cream about a month ago and have been using it twice a day and the pain and skin tag/lump has now completely cleared. I just want to say thank you for having such a great product - it has made my life alot easier and painless! I cant thank you enough!

T. H. Australia. 


I just wanted to share my experience with the recovery cream from Dr. Wheatgrass. I have suffered from painful fissures and hemmroids for the past couple years on and off. I cannot express how depressing and agonizing my pain has been in the past. There have been times when I literally didn't want to eat because I didn't want to have to go through the constant pain that would come along with it. I have been to countless doctors and spent plenty of money on medicated creams and on suppositories. I can say that though there were some times when I would find relief, but just like clockwork, the pain would come back with a vengeance. I would be in tears and would not want to go anywhere or even talk to anyone. I felt like there was no hope and that surgery was going to be my only option, something that I wholeheartedly despised, especially after my doctor told me how painful it was. I was already in pain and the last thing on my mind was to go through more pain. I'm not sure if there is any connection with the two, but it seemed as though whenever I would get stressed out, my anal pain would flare up and I would start the rollercoaster ride of having to sit in sitz baths and trying to apply neosporin or anything topical I could think of just to try and find some sort of relief, which usually ended in failure.


I recently went to an anal specialist who also does surgery. He told me that I had bad irritation, swelling and fissures. He recommended that I once again sit in warm baths and to use suppositories. I wanted to scream on top of my lungs just because I knew that this was the same advice that he had given to me before and that I ended up back in his office many times after because there was obviously no solution to the problem I was having, but only a temporary fix until the next time. It was then that I decided to look online and see what other people who suffered like I, had to say about the issue. 


I came across the dr wheatgrass website and have to be honest...I thought that it was a gimmick and that it was one of those products that offered promise and took advantage of people who were vulnerable and suffering. I have to tell everyone on this site that this product works!!! I never thought that it would and it has worked 100% for me. I am someone who has had this problem for many years and have not found anything that has relieved my pain like this product has. I am in no way exaggerating, I applied the product for the first time at night, right before I went to bed and the next morning, I already felt less pain and no swelling. I was so happy and was still a little skeptical about the fact that it was the cream that caused such a remarkable change.


 I have been using the cream twice a day for the past week and I no longer have pain during bowl movements and afterwards. Going from feeling as though I were passing shards of glass to feeling no pain at all, is a miracle and I have Dr. Wheatgrass to thank. I wish I found this product earlier and have no idea why it isn't more popular. I know what it is like to feel anxious and constant worry about having to go...it is the worse feeling in the world. Going to the bathroom used to be excruciating. Now I have no pain at all and I can't give this product enough praise. Please if you are suffering from anal fissures or hemorroids...try the cream. You will see that nothing else will do what this can. Take it from someone who knows!

K. P. USA. 


I used  Wheatgrass Creme for approximately ten days (so far) for anal fissures. I would say the fissures are about 95% cured at this point. I am very pleased, and to be honest, a little surprised. I had suffered from anal fissures for several months and nothing seemed to help. I was starting to think I would have to tolerate them for the rest of my life. Thank you for your wonderful product! 

G. N. USA.


I was in desperate situation. Very intense pain almost all day. And, bathroom was a torture. I hunted for every remedy. Many different creams. Nitro also was nothing but headache. Doctors did not help. And operation was scary. While desperately searching internet I stopped by your page. As a last resort I ordered then it came in 2 weeks. It was the third day, pain gone. Unbelieavable. And, second week, my normal life came back, no pain no fissure. Thank you very much. Still, I am wondering how the hell none of the doctors don't know this super remedy and miracle. Right away I have ordered second tube. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

M. Y. Turkey. 


It is now almost six weeks since you advised me to use the cream once daily and I am pleased to advise you that I have no more pain from fissures. I do have to tell you that after a week of using the cream once a day I had a hick up.I noticed blood on the toilet paper. I immediately reverted to apply the cream twice a day and have not had a reccurence or any pain since. I expect that my condition after forty years to have been chronic and that there was a need of two applications daily for a longer period. I will carry on using the cream twice daily for another month and then drop down to one and hopefully I am pretty confident that I will not have any more fissure problems. The cream is an amazing product that works without the side effects that other products have. Thank you.

G. P. Australia. 


I was diagnosed with an acute anal fissure on October 19th, 2008, A specialist 8 weeks later actually said there had been two fissures. I went through every symptom described, the worst being the passing of what felt like glass shards, then complete inability to open the rectum, for which I had to have enemas, and bowel spasms lasting 4-12 hours. I have had c-sections, open heart surgury and a frozen shoulder joint, and none of those conditions were even close to the pain I experienced with the fissures.


Around Thanksgiving, an order of the skin recovery cream arrived courtesy of my sister who had read information on your website. After all the trauma I had been experiencing and the use of nifedipine which was not helping in any way that I could discern, I was so grateful to experience relief on the 3rd day of applying the cream, which I used 4 to 5 times a day. Within a week, I was not using pain pills. The specialist could still feel the fissure internally after 8 weeks, but it was not causing me pain, and a month after that, he declared that I was healed. I showed him the skin recovery cream and told him my story, but truthfully, I think he discounted its efficacy. Nonetheless, I subsequently told a friend whose husband has experienced chronic problems with fissures for 18 years about my experience. I am pleased to say that he also has experienced significant improvement in his condition and continues to use the cream. I might also add that I am using skin recovery cream for the winter skin cracks that occur on my thumbs, and they have healed (also within 3 days) as well.


I cannot even begin to tell you how thankful I am for your product. Never stop producing it.

N. D. USA. 


I just wanted to let you know that I was a total skeptic about whether the recovery cream would heal my anal fissure but I was desperate not to have surgery and in a lot of constant pain. I've used the cream for 6 weeks now and am pain free, blood free, and can't believe your cream worked so well since the doctor said my fissure was chronic and I'd need surgery since the prescription cream didn't work! I got the fissure during my pregnancy and am still breastfeeding and didn't want to do the botox surgery but was feeling it was my only hope, and option, before coming across your cream. So, Thank You!!

R.K Brooklyn, NY 


After about a month of diligent use, I can definitely say that the cream is a miracle!  I've tried everything to help my anal fissure and generally painful rectal area, but the wheatgrass cream actually helped heal it.  It actually feels normal again!People need to know that this is one product that actually delivers on its promise.

B. H. N.Y. USA 


I have suffered with anal fissure on and off for about 30 years and this past year has been a particularly difficult one. I talked to my primary care doctor who had little advice but to send me to a surgeon for a consultation. She had me on the nitro cream for 6 weeks, I suffered with the headaches hoping for some relief, but there was little if any improvement. Out of desperation I considered sending away for this cream, I did not have high hopes because I had never heard of this for a treatment in all the years I have talked with doctors. I can't believe it, but in less than a few days after using the cream 2-3 times a day the PAIN WAS GONE! The pain had been servere and lasting several hours each day, and had become such an issue I tried to avoid any business trips or early morning appointments...but now after 10 days I still have not had a painful day. This seems to good to be true and I am still apprehensive that the pain will return. I will continue using this product and hope to get to the day that even my apprehension will disappear.

R. D. USA.


Hi Dr Reynolds. I thought that I would updated you on my progress. I have had no pain since you suggested using only the wheatgrass cream for my fissure.  The pain subsided after only 48hours of using only wheatgrass cream 3 times a day. I went back to my GP today for a follow up appointment and he said that all looks really good. I would like to thank you for your support and advice during this very painful and depressing period.  Thanks to you and your wheatgrass cream my life is back on track and can really enjoy my 12 week old baby without pain being in the forefront of my thinking. Thank you again and keep up the good work.

Beth. Australia.


Dear Sir, We spoke last week and I managed to find and purchase some of your amazing Wheatgrass Cream that very day. What a MIRACLE product! The very next day I could already experience a slight itching, which from experience , I knew was the area beginning to heal. Within 2 days all my pain and swelling had gone with my next bowel movement being completely pain and blood free! Unfortunately, I was SO confident that I was completely healed, that I foolishly returned to eating as normal (ie being a pig) and suffered for it (although not as severely as before) the following day. At least I now know that there is a simple cure, so Thank You so much. It’s not just the physical condition you’ve treated but also the accompanying fear and depression!

P. G. Australia.


I have been suffering for the last three years from anal fissures ever since I was on Chemotherapy for my liver. I have been off of the Chemo treatment for over a year now but I was still experiencing a severe burning and pain from an anal fissure every time that I would have a bowel movement. I would bleed and be very uncomfortable. I was skeptical when ordering but was at my wit’s end. I have used the skin recovery cream for the last three days and I can not believe the difference. I feel great! I also used a little on the bottom of my foot where I had a cut that was not healing. I can not believe this stuff. I am about to order the Dr Wheatgrass Supershots. I can not wait to share this with other people that I know that are looking for a solution to similar ailments. Thank you for making this available.

Warmest regards,

J. S. GA, USA. 


I have had 2 anal fissures in the past 2 years. I was at my witts end when I developed the 2nd fissure mid april as I know how painful the 1st one was. I started using the Wheatgrass cream and within 6 days of using the cream the fissure was gone. So there was a good 5 weeks of trying all different creams and many other weird things but this cream was a miracle. I can not believe how quickly it worked and I am so scared of getting another fissure I use a small amount of it every night as I go to bed in that area.

F. M. USA.


MY GOD IT WORKED, my Fissure is gone! First off I want to give you a little history of my problem. I had a baby in July of 2006. 2 months later I developed a horrible fissure. I mean HORRIBLE. I think there was more than 1 too. I went to the dr. and they gave me some nitro oinment and sent me on my way. The ointment gave me horrible headachs and it did not help, nor did it help with the pain. My fissure kept coming back. It got to the point that I only ate fruit because I was terrified to use the bathroom. I lost a lot of weight. After a lot of trial and error I figured out a way to get temporary relief with prune juice and fiber pills, which had me running to the bathroom 5 times in the morning every morning. If I missed one day of this and had a "normal" bowel movement it would come back and I would be right back where I was. I did see a surgeon who told me there was nothing he could do because it has the ability to heal on its own, I just have to keep my movements soft and regular. Arg! I did not want to have to be in the bathroom all morning! Something has to help me, I have been going through this for 2 years almost!! Then I found Dr. Wheatgrass!! I was very skeptical at first because I dont like to buy things like this from the internet, but I was desperate. I would say after a week of my normal intake of juice and fiber along with this product I started to feel soo much better! I started applying it when the fissure was bad and it helped with the pain and helped to heal the skin. I THANK GOD for you. My life was terrible with this pain and the morning bathroom trips. I have told everyone in my office about it. Thank you Thank you! You have a customer for life!

K. P. USA. 


I have used the product for about 10 days now and have found a great deal of relief. Instead of constant pain for 6-8 hours, I now only have about 30 minutes of ache in the rectal area. I presume that this is because things are healing and the colon still wants to spasm. My question at this point is can I use this product indefinitely for prevention, and can I use it 2-3 times per day depending upon the number of eliminations? I just want to make sure that I don't cause thinning of the lining as many other products do. Currently I am using it in the morning and at night. This product has been a life saver.

J. B. Australia


I have used cream for 3 weeks and bottom feeling 100%, I have even had the operation for the fissure which was unsuccessful and I am $2500 poorer and dr wanted to have me have another operation worth $1000 but I thought I would try wheatgrass because I had tried rectogesic and it didn't work just gave me awful headaches. Wheatygrass has been the only thing that has given me relief, so good job. Thank you.

T. N. Australia. 

Dear Dr Chris, Where do I start? I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am to you!! My god, this cream is truly a miracle cream!! I admit I was a bit skeptic at first as I had tried just about EVERYTHING on the market from natural creams to creams prescribed by my surgeon and NOTHING worked! I started to feel it work on the 2nd day and I thought it was my imagination! Now, a week and a half later the pain is almost gone! I honestly thought I would never get rid of the pain from my fissure and that I was going to live with it for the rest of my life! You have given me hope and I cannot thank you enough!! You truly are a miracle worker. If you would like to use my comments on your site you are more than welcome to! I want the whole world to know about this cream!!


Thank you thank you Dr Chris! Your loyal and customer for life,

A. M. Australia.


First I want to thank you, my Dad had colon cancer and after the operation he developed a severe fissure with terrible pains. He found your product on the net. After 5 weeks the fissure is 80% healed. Truly a miracle wonder.

V. G. Oregon


I would like to thank you for this wonderful drug and oinment. It has healed my fissure and I do not feel the pain that I suffered for the past 3 years. Thanks again and god bless you.



I bought your product in USA. And  I have been using it for about 2 weeks for my fissure and I am feeling better. Thank you so much. I look forward to curing it completely with your product.

H. T. N.Y. 


Dear Dr Chris, I am writing to thank you for inventing your amazing wheatgrass products. Since my initial contact with you last year seeking advice about treatment my health has gone from strength to strength. As you may remember, I was suffering from a plethora of conditions all associated with inflammatory bowel disease: a chronic painful anal fissure; two recto-vaginal fistulae and iron deficiency anaemia. These problems were extremely painful, exhausting and difficult to deal with on an ongoing basis and had resisted cure from all the usual medical alternatives including operations and pharmaceuticals. I am happy today to report that, through using your wheatgrass shots and dermatological cream over the past 12 months, that there has been a dramatic improvement in my quality of life. The fistulae are quiescent, the fissure is almost gone and the iron deficiency anaemia is completely cured. As I continue to use your products I look enthusiastically forward to cures on all fronts, and unreservedly recommend them to anyone, who like me, is battling a resistant condition.

P. E. San Francisco. 


A very big thankyou! I recently got the cream here in Japan and it has made my life so much more bearable and my fissure is nearly cured after around 1 week. Its a great natural product and is much better than anything else on the market with no side effects.

M. M. Japan. 


Dr Chris I want to thank you so much. You saved me from an operation which may turn my life into a hell (because of leakage). I also recommend your product to my friends who are in this condition. May be, you realize that there are orders from Turkey. I wanna thank you again and again for your excellent cream.

F. B. Ankara, Turkey.


Good news, your cream has healed up the fissure. It was almost healed about 6 weeks ago, but I bought your cream to heal it completely and it's worked. I didn't want surgery or Botox and am grateful I won't need to now.

Nancy, United Kingdom


 Thanks for your email (v. helpful). The info on anal fissure (offsite) was news to me. My doc diagnosed me with haemorrhoids and advised Proctosedyl. Over some months I developed huge bowel problems and it wasn't until I read what you had to say about anal fissure and it being the cause not the effect of constipation that hope began to dawn. Since using the wheatgrass cream constipation is now no longer a problem - I don't even have to eat chook food. Thank you so much. Life has now taken on a new aspect.

M. G. Australia.


I have been suffering constipation since I was little. I went to see Dr. ***** for constipation last month. Dr. told me that constipation often comes from anal fissure. And he found a big and small fissure. He suggested to use the 'Wheatgrass Recovery Cream'. After I use this cream for 10~20 days, both fissure has disappeared and also my constipation gets better, too. I don't have any constipation problem now. I was very surprised at first but thank you Dr.*****. Your diagnosis is right and thank you very much.

Y. T. Melbourne


Thanks for your info on wheatgrass. Honestly, I can't believe how quickly the cream helped with my AF - I have gone one whole week now, pain free. I was getting to the stage where I couldn't go out in the morning because of pain, couldn't even sit to have a coffee with my friends!! So grateful for your wonderful wheatgrass cream. Thanks again,

W. M. Australia


Your product worked great, it cleared my fissures up in three weeks. I found out about you from a little flash on web m.d. so i gave you a try and was not disappointed. I will tell anyone about your product that has skin problems again thank you.

E. B. USA 


From a Doctor- Hullo Dr.Chris a patient of mine recently had great success with your creams in treating her chronic anal fistula. It was so wonderful to see her recovery.

Dr. R. D. Australia.


Just to let you know...I had a fistula and it was totally healed by your recovery cream. I cant believe it worked but i was amazed.

C. B. USA.


WO HOO! The surgeon says “no surgery” !! I have managed the fistula so well with pulped wheat grass compress and your cream that he can’t even feel the fistula channel any more (its healing closed after just 12 days) and does not see any infection. So he says “just keep an eye on it.” Of course he had no comment regarding my self treatment. I showed him a picture of what it looked like at the beginning (10/9/2009) with the white build up around the opening (which is all gone now).

D. W. USA.