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Eczema Dermatitis

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I have had eczema all my life starting on the back of my knees constantly scratching until my skin was raw and weeping, Bleeding on my bedsheets, as I grew older, the more stressed out I got and the more weight I gained the more my eczema has spread to my face, neck, hands and arms, thighs and knees. I've spent ridiculous amounts of money going to doctors, dermatologists, trying different creams (prescriptions and OTC) I ordered the Wheatgrass spray and just in using it 2 days I can tell a MAJOR difference. I'm in the process of going through TSW and I feel the spray has helped! I will be forever a faithful customer!

Kristen Moorefield, USA


I am a ER nurse and mother of 3. My 3rd child (who also suffers from Molluscum) has had bad outbreaks of Eczema since a baby--- probably dairy related but she is a cheese lover!! When I use Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm on her outbreaks, I notice that he outbreaks are lighter the next day... then her outbreaks turn white till the skin can fully recover and regain skin pigment. It helps moisturize her skin and prevents the itchy feeling.Amazing!!! I included pictures of my 3 children--- Molluscum, Eczema, and Bug bite relief. Thank you!! Well worth the money to finally find something natural that works.

Ashley, USA


I am so happy that I came across this product when I did. My husband has been dealing with tsw. We have been using the spray and the flare ups have reduced so much.

Kimberly, USA


My daughter has been going thru TSW when I decided to use the superbalm and supershot to help with her skin. Amazingly it works for her, we saw the result within 6-8 weeks of using it. It's been 3 months now since the first time we used it and we are so grateful for your products as her skin is now soft and smooth, no more oozing, flaking and doesn't cut easily when she scratch.

M. L. New South Wales


I have suffered from various forms of eczema for twenty years. I am allergic to all preservatives that are put in a vast majority of products today for larger profit margins. This cream has been the best thing that ever happened to me! Bravo! All of the wheatgrass products have changed my life!!! Thank you

Patricia C. USA


Hello Dr. Chris, Thank you for all of your advice regarding my skin recovery. The wheatgrass has really helped to calm my skin and it appears to be getting stronger. It's been a long road but the wheatgrass has been a miracle for me

R. D. Australia.


My  daughter  age 33 lately is suffering from really bad eczema. But we more or less managed to find a solution. Stop using steroid cream.****** Now my daughter is consuming wheat grass juice, using wheat grass Superbalm & wheat grass spray. Change of diet no sugar more fruits and vegetables. Her skin has improved tremendously. But itching is still there during the night. But not too bad. THIS MESSAGE IS TO HELP OTHERS. 

S. R. Singapore. 


I am going through steroid withdrawal, into my 8 month now and started using the wheatgrass spray and cream as well as shots a month ago. I didn't want to say anything until the three month mark but I definitely see a difference. It healed my flares and continues to heal my flares. What I think now is that it does heal the skin but it will not speed up the withdrawal time but for me it speeds up the healing time of a flare in January which stayed for 3 months before I purchased dr what grass. I have not flared as badly since and my skin seems to be getting back a bit of healing power and my skin is progressively getting better, I could pass my skin off as bad eczema as opposed to the red skin steroid induced eczema it looked like before. I will continue to use it and blog my thoughts then. In short I don't want to jinx it but it is working for me.

M. N. USA. 


I developed small patches of eczema on my cheeks after being given heavy antibiotics by my doctor in May 2011. A dermatologist prescribed a potent topical steroid to use on the eczema. I applied the cream on my face everyday for one year before I realized the problem was worsening. The eczema was spreading down my neck and chest, on my arms and hands, and eventually on my legs. When I would forget to apply steroid cream my skin would flare and burn. I did my own research and realized it was the steroids that were making the problem worse. I stopped steroid use cold turkey and immediately my eczema flared and continued to spread and worsen. My skin was red and inflamed, oozing a yellow and clear liquid, and my whole body burned and itched. After two months off steroids I found Dr Wheatgrass and began treatment immediately. I took Wheatgrass Super Shots twice a day and applied the spray daily. Within two week the terrible itch was gone and allowed me to sleep through the night. My skin continued to worse and Dr Chris explained to me that it was because of the severe damage the steroids in combination with the heavy antibiotics had done to my body.

It has taken a long time for my body to heal from the damage done by the steroid, but the wheatgrass has helped to lessen the severity of the side effects of steroid withdrawal and helped to speed up the healing process. I am forever grateful for the help Dr Chris has given me through this long and painful healing process.

H. T. Chicago. USA


When my 4 month old son became 95% covered in atopic eczema, I started researching my options and trying so MANY different creams and oils. I finally Googled Eczema and come across Dr Wheatgrass and after reading the testimonies I just had to try it! I couldn't wait for your Superbalm to arrive, I went to the post office everyday to check if it had arrived yet! When it had, I covered him thick with the Superbalm head to toe, and almost immediately he stopped screaming in pain/irritation, what a relief it was for him and for me!!! Overnight the redness faded and within 7 days it was at least 90% GONE. I use it the superbalm on him morning and night everyday, and I use a cream a Dr prescribed to me on the small areas that remain. Now he is 5 months old and his skin looks SO lovely, my whole family is amazed by your Superbalm I couldn't wait to find time to write my feedback to you guys. THANKS SO MUCH!! Tegan.

T. P. Australia.


Hi Dr Chris, I would like to thank you for all your help and support throughout the ordeal I went through with my daughter's eczema. Without you and your wheatgrass, I would have just keep going back to cortisone as it's the only cream that the Specialist will recommend and didn't realised how much damaged it was causing my daughters skin especially the face. I have not applied cortisone on her face since using wheatgrass and will never use it again. I can't thank you enough for helping me heal my daughter's face. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. I definitely highly recommend your wheatgrass products to anyone. Kind regards.

 J. J. Australia.


Dear Dr Chris, I had bad eczema on the back of my hand which I had been treating for some time with steroid creams. In time I noticed my skin becoming thin and decided to stop using the steroid. My skin started looking old and wrinkled and easily prone to tearing and bleeding from the open cracks. It had very little protective layer. I wanted something natural to heal and restore my skin . After reading about your wheatgrass recovery spray and the testimonials on your website I immediately went out and bought the product. I had nothing to lose but give it a try. Within a week there was noticeable difference to my skin. Even though I was still using minute amounts of steroid cream, the overall healing process was faster without making my skin look thick and wrinkled. Many thanks for saving my skin.

US Pediatrician Recommends Wheatgrass for Eczema


My daughter had such bad eczema and molluscum I took her to my pediatrician almost in tears pleading for help. He gave me steroids that made the ezema better but the molluscum out of control. I'd go to the dermatologist and they'd put acid on the molluscum and the ezema would flare up. So I went back to my pediatrician asking him what to do. He said "you know? I've heard of this stuff called Dr. Wheatgrass. I've had patients use it and it's worked for them". So, I called one of your US suppliers and it has started to work! I am amazed and want to thank you for making this product. The backs of my daughters knees no longer bleed or itch and she can wear skirts again and not be embarrassed by her bleeding skin!

E. L. USA.


An actual case showing how topical steroids can be stopped using wheatgrass

17 November,  From the Client

My dermatologist said i have eczema on my face.  i have been somewhat successful in using aveeno soap and moisturizer for babies.  i thought i read somewhere that aveeno and your product together were quite successful.  well, i used your spray four times yesterday, the last time right before bed.  i awoke to a face that is dry and flaking off!  after getting all the loose skin rubbed off, i am not using the product again.  is this a typical response?  any suggestions?


18 November,  From Dr. Chris

When you have eczema, there is always a degree of inflammation. Wheatgrass is a potent though very safe anti-inflammatory agent, so when you apply it for the first time to eczema, the inflammation settles down and the skin contracts. The surface cells then flake off which is what is most likely happening to you. Also, you’ve used rather a lot of spray (once daily should be sufficient) so the anti-inflammatory effect would be even greater. I suggest you rest your skin for a week, then try using the spray again – only once a day – and give it a bit of time. My guess is your skin will become softer and smoother and in time the eczema will start to improve. If possible, avoid putting anything on your face for the time being. Just use water to wash your face. The fewer chemicals on your skin the better.


2 December, From the Client

I used it (the spray) once on Friday and expected to wake up a dry, flaking mess again.  i was pleasantly surprised when a lot of skin flaked off, but the underlying skin was soft and not inflamed.  i used it twice more that day, spraying several times at each application then covering with a petroleum ointment my dermatologist gave me.  wow! spectacular results in just two days!  i can hardly believe it; my skin feels like glass, has no inflamation. can this be for real?  i hope it doesn't suddenly stop working, that is my only fear.


2 December, From Dr. Chris

I’m very glad to hear that you persevered and that it paid off for you. I don’t think you should fear the wheatgrass spray not working. That is a rare occurrence.


3 December,  From the Client

I am so totally happy with this product. there is absolutely no flaking, no redness; i can hardly believe my eyes! to see this result after 6 mos. of eczema on my face and neck is remarkable. 


Hi Dr Chris. I spoke to you some months ago about my baby who had top to toe, back and front eczema and was prescribed Elecon cortisone. I just thought I'd let you know that after speaking with you we ceased the Elecon and used the Wheatgrass Spray in conjunction with hydracortisone for some time to get it undercontrol. Her torso and limbs are virtually now eczema free and have been for a good 6 - 8 weeks. A great result. I am still spraying her a couple of times daily over her body as well as using a moisturiser. However her face has been more problematic and I cannot seem to budge the outbreaks across her hairline. And I am hesitant to use the Hydracortisone every handful of days. If  you had any other suggestions I would be most appreciative, but mainly I wanted to let you know she is doing much much better, and is now able to sleep at night (great for her and me!). Many thanks.

- Vanessa, Australia


Reply from Dr. Chris

Thank you for your feedback Vanessa. It's very comforting to know that you have been able to eliminate the strong and potentially damaging steroid, Elocon. That is a very important step because it can cause skin atrophy (thinning)and suppress your baby's immune system which is not what you want when you are trying to control eczema. I think the most important thing to remember in treating infantile eczema is to treat the symptoms rather than the eczema. Eczema generally is not harmful or dangerous. In other words, unless your baby is distressed or scratching, the rash itself can quite often be left alone to heal naturally.  Obviously if it's infected or weeping badly, that is a different story, but by and large most of these children get better by themselves. 


Because wheatgrass is a potent immunomodulator ("normaliser"), it will be well worth persevering with the skin spray once or twice daily and combine it with a little hydrocortisone if there is a flare.


Firstly to say that the cream has worked wonders on C's mouth. Thank you!  She still has that awful red mark on the side of her mouth but that will heal soon I am sure. The area around her mouth though that was so chapped is now quite smooth and you wouldn’t believe that she had a problem there a few days ago! And that she suffered for 4 weeks with it!!

L. A. Melbourne


When I first found out about Wheatgrass treatment for skin disorders, I was at my wits end with a severe case of Eczema. My skin was severly affected.  I would struggle to go to work because I was consious that my skin was in such a state that I was embarressed about going out in public, not to mention the pain I was in. I was sceptical about the Wheatgrass to start off with, as I had already spent so much money with Natropaths. Dr. Chris explained to me that he was ntohing like a natropath and that He would use a program of steroids to help control the severity while using the Wheatgrass to control my skin.  Within 8 months, I was completely free of steroids and my skinhad all but cleared up. I use wheatgrass tablets once a day and the spray to control any itchy spots on my skin.  My friends and family cannot believe the improvements they have seen. I now have an improved quality of life and eczema doesn't inhibit me at all.

J. B. Melbourne


I e-mailed you last week about wheatgrass cream for hand eczema; I have only been using it for a few days and I cannot believe the improvement. I have been troubled for years with this and this is the first thing that I have used that appears to really work. And to think I wasn't even looking for treatments for eczema when I stumbled across your website.

S. P. California, USA


Dr. Chris, it has been sometime that you kindly emailed me re: advice on my daughters eczema. I just wanted to inform you that we followed your instructions and straight away there was a remarkable difference. It is now approx 4mths on and her eczema is so much improved by using the wheatgrass products. We now mainly use the spray which is great as it is quick and easy to use. She does however have the odd flare-up which we manage to bring under control by using the cream mixed with a little hydrocortisone cream. This seems to work well. Although she will still try to scratch herself, the eczema is the best it has been.

M. F. New Zealand


I've been using Wheatgrass Recovery Spray for my eczema for nearly 1 year. When I was a child I always had eczema. When I moved to Australia my skin got worse. I was taking steroid tablets and using cream for nearly 2 years and couldn?t stop because my skin got worse if I did. My skin was terrible because so itchy and bleeding everyday. I was always scratching myself and it was so hard to go to sleep as well. My doctor gave me Wheatgrass (sic) for my skin. It worked wonderful for my eczema as soon as I started using it. I just couldn?t believe it stopped my itchy skin. 3 days later I realized I?m not scratching anymore and I can go to sleep easier without steroid. Since that time I stopped everything and just using wheatgrass spray and cream. My skin was improved more than before. I?m very happy about my skin and my life is changed by Wheatgrass Spray and Cream. Thank you so much.

Y. Y. Melbourne.


I purchased the wheatgrass spray product at the Absolute Health Expo one week ago. I'd had eczema for about 3 years on both upper legs. During the past week I have used the spray on the affected areas twice per day. I am pleased to report that much of the eczema has already disappeared now. Already, after seeing such rapid results from this product, I will recommend without hesitation the product to anyone I know with a similar skin condition. All the very best.

Adam. Melbourne. 


I have been using Wheatgrass Recovery Spray in conjunction with Dermaveen moisturising lotion for approximately five months to treat eczema that I have suffered from for decades. I have found this treatment to be more effective than any of the multitudes of ointments, creams and other remedies that I have been prescribed throughout this entire period. Many thanks.

G.L. Melbourne.


Eczema in Pregnancy - First of all I really would like to thank you as your product is excellent. I suffer from eczema and have not had to use cortisone creams for a period of 3 years having weaned myself of it before I heard of your product. I am now pregnant and my eczema has returned and of course I cannot use cortisone creams. I found that your products have helped me tremendously both your spray and cream.

B.M. New South Wales.


Wheatgrass Recovery Cream and the Spray have resolved the skin problem of eczema which has plagued me for nearly 20 years. Steroid creams were predictably offered by every skin specialist I tried. This, I knew, was damaging to my health and has indeed caused other problems to my skin. While reluctant to use steroids I was often desperate enough and had no other alternative. Having come across Wheatgrass products I am finally able to use something which not only works to keep the problem under control but is also beneficial to my health in general. My life has been changed.



I have been suffering atopy since early childhood. I saw many doctors but they gave me similar treatments; which was to apply topical steroids. I tried some folk medicines but did not find any remarkable effects and considering they were very expensive I did not continue with their use. My eczema appeared on each joint, my palms and my fingers. Especially my fingers were in the worst condition and sometimes I could not sleep because of severe itching. Through the years the skin on my hands had become damaged and because of long-term use of the steroids my nails were in poor condition and my skin had become discolored. For a long time I had been embarrassed to show my hands.


Last year I visited Melbourne to study English. The strong sunshine and the dry climate made my condition worse. One day I visited Dr Reynolds at Swanston Clinic, whom my relatives and friends in Australia had recommended. I assured myself that the wheatgrass spray was what I was looking for while I listened to his explanation. I was looking for a product that did not contain steroids and was safe, effective and economical. I learnt the importance of developing my immune system and how to look after my skin. Through the discussions with Dr Reynolds and some trial and error I found an effective way of using the spray.


In the first month the effect was not so remarkable but gradually my skin began to improve. In the third month the skin became moistened and the skin colour was gradually getting close to normal. Four months after I began to use the spray I felt my nails were becoming smooth and on the sixth month my hands became beautiful. By this time I could shake hands without hesitation. I had the best condition in my life 7 months after I began to use the spray. My family was also happy to see my new hands after I returned to Japan.


I believe the benefits of using the wheatgrass products are that they are very safe, economical and effective. Also they do not have strict rules for their use. I have been using the spray to maintain my condition. The turning point was when I saw Dr Reynolds and began to use the wheatgrass spray in Melbourne. Lastly, I hope many people who are suffering from atopy can have the same experience. With many thanks.

J. H.Japan.


Firstly i'd like to say the Wheatgrass Recovery Spray is a fantastic product. I have had eczema all my life - nearly 30 years of battling with steroid creams, immune suppressant drugs, oral steroids... and after using the spray for one month (three times a day prior to moisturising, (and also initially having to supplement this with a low steroid cream)) the eczema on my body has subsided, and the results are amazing. No more blotchy red skin, no dry patches... friends and family have really noticed the results, and I can finally wear clothes which don?t have to cover my entire body in Summer!

L. H. Australia. 


I must say I was a little sceptical at first but my child's dermatitis has eased tremendously. Thank you!

Sharon G. Australia. 


I am so grateful to you for making such an amazing product. I have had eczema since I was a baby - now 30 y.o., but the last two years have seen my hands become extremely dry, cracked and very painful. My friend tried the wheatgrass on a small dry area on her finger and said it worked almost instantly. I tried a little with some scepticism and unlike most products, it did not irritate my hands. I had tried every product on the market over the last two years. I bought some Wheatgrass cream myself and was amazed how quickly it worked. My hands were better within three to four days - this is after pain and embarrassment over my "acid-dipped" looking hands. I had given up on my hands ever being normal again as the steroids weren't working so well after so many years use, but with the wheatgrass cream, it prevents flare-ups and maintains my hands in excellent condition. My nails which were ghastly from the steroid cream use are even looking more normal now too. Thank you so much for continuing your work in this area! You have given me back a normal life without the thought "I can't, because it hurts my hands".

K. R. Australia.


I have suffered from severe eczema for a lifetime of 38 years and tried numerous treatments recommended by dermatologists, with little success. I recently discovered Wheatgrass Cream and Wheatgrass liquid formula at my local health food shop which has had a miraculous effect, and has transformed my life after a few weeks. My 8-year-old daughter also suffers from eczema, which has completely cleared after using the wheatgrass spray on her legs. It really works!

R. S. Victoria. Australia.


After using every moisturiser & pharmaceutical cream recommended for eczema over 20 years, Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery is the only product that has really helped me.

Rachel. 37 y.o. mother of 3 kids. Melbourne.


Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the Wheatgrass spray and tincture!! They are superb! We use them on excema like a "charm" as my 10 year old would say.. and the tincture is great support too... we will need some more eventually, because I want to keep these 2 products on hand in my medicine cabinet, even for cuts, they heal sooo quickly with a little spray ~ as observed by my 10 year old son also! Great product, thanks again, would highly recommend that everyone has some in their home- and believe me when I tell you... I have tried EVERYTHING OUT THERE for natural cures of excema and this one really helps! Cheers!

L. M. Ontario, Canada.